For Companies

SHIRU CAFE® is run by sponsor fees from companies. Sponsors are able to interact with prestigious university students at SHIRU CAFE® throughout the year.

Promotional Cups

We place your logo on customers' cups. Also, sponsor companies can have information about their products and internships on the cups.

Company Information on Smartphone Devices

Customers will order their drinks beforehand from their personal page on the SHIRU CAFE® website where sponsor company information will be displayed.

Digital Advertisements

Similar to the ads on promotional cups, sponsor companies can have desired information projected on screens, which are tactfully arranged in our stores.

Additional Information Provided by Store Staff

We have specially trained staff members who give students additional information about our sponsors while they enjoy their coffee.

Meet-up with Students

At SHIRU CAFE®, we host many events where companies and students can interact. These events allow companies to learn about studentsʼ academic interests and student's start-ups.


We conduct surveys to gauge the effectiveness of our advertising, and create questionnaires tailored to our sponsorsʼ needs.

Service Report

We report to our sponsors the basic data, such as the numbers of cups we have given out.


Every three months we conduct a survey on our student customers called ”BRIDGE,” which aims to measure the effectiveness of our cup and screen ads. We do this by asking questions that measure how much our student customers have learned about our sponsor companies, and what more they would like to learn about them.

Special Questionnaire

When you want student feedback on your products or services, let us know. We’ll create and distribute special questionnaires on your behalf.


of IITH students knew the company name “Murata” when Murata began to sponsor us.


results,Murata found they were not meeting students’ needs with their cup and screen ads.
Murata soon changed their design and screen ads based on student feedback. Students loved the new design!


of IITH students knew, only 5 months later, what kind of company Murata is, and what it is like to work there.

Special Three Number

The average number of customers per day of SHIRU CAFE® IIT Bombay. Our staff gives information about sponsor companies to these students, one by one. Thus new students get to know our sponsors every day.

The percentage of students at IIT Hyderabad registered to SHIRU CAFE®. Almost all students who come to SHIRU CAFE® are active users.

The percentage of SHIRU CAFE® IIT Hyderabad registrants who are pursuing a BSc or MSc.In India, SHIRU CAFE® stores are launched only at IITs, which means companies can attract excellent IT talents through their sponsorship.

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